a collaboration with loon

The "Gates of Horn and Ivory" (a literary image used to distinguish true dreams from false) are represented by the cloaked figures in the video. They move from "dream realm" to reality, taunting and teasing Loon as she struggles to identify what is real and what isn't. The lyrics mention meditative and ritualistic practices; different ways of seeing the future or the "dream realm". The video explores ways of understanding the female person as a powerful, even magical being.The video imagery was inspired by the cover art for the Threads EP, a piece by Montreal artist Marigold Santos.

Art Direction and concept by Tessa Kautzman (the mastermind behind Loon) and myself. I also did the costume design and styling, choreography and performed as one of "The Gates", alongside Madeleine Black.  Tyler Reekie did the camera work, set design and lighting. Nicole Holland edited the video. Special thanks to Tamara Sandor, Gregory Burton, Daniel Howse and Risa Dickens. To hear more from Loon visit their Bandcamp here. Such gorgeous and woozy dream pop!

a collarboration with artist Madeleine Black

This short fashion video was made as a projection for an opening of our Pop! Up! Shop! event in Dec. 2016. The video was made by Multi-media artist Madeleine Black, also the performer featured in the film. The dancer swirls and twirls through an infinite black space, with a focus on the movement of the 3_3_4_7 ruffled dresses. I feel it embodies a sense of freedom and escapism one can find in movement, in song, or in fashion. Song used is Tobiume by Susumu Yokota. I love her dreamy and woozy kaleidoscope effect and layers. Swoooooooon! 

a collaboration with artist daniel howse


After showing at Montréal's Fashion Pop in 2016 and winning the design competition, I had the opportunity to do a Pop-up Shop at Espaces Pop so I needed to promote it. Campaign Baby, here I come! I'd had some ideas for a photography project bubbling under the surface. I didn't want anything to literal and I was still asking a lot of questions around my "brand identity". 

From here, "Second Skin", was born. I made the head to toe bodysuit out of old stockings and artist Daniel painted the suit.  A collaboration fusing fashion, painting and performance in which the wearer of the suit has complete anonymity. This led to various role playing entertaining sexuality, guise and the various tropes of character play. A strange and surreal self exploration if you will ;) To view the full editorial click here.







Below are some of the posters and banners I designed to get the word out for ye' ol Pop! Up! Shop! I was trying to get people to search #fashionpop from the poster in asking the question, "Who is s3ttl3r?" (my brand at the time), hoping it would intrigue people and I could start a little cat and mouse game but I don't think it ever really caught on. Lol, I tried! 


who is s3ttl3r?.jpg
s3tll3r wants you.jpg
Yes Please. Do Come.jpg

a commission by performance artist marie-jane ségolène

The garment on display for the exhibition.

The garment on display for the exhibition.

I first met Marie Jane by working on the creative editorial, "Helping Hands" with her.  She is a performance artist and her work embodied the kind of struggle and strong femininity that I was hoping to convey for the shoot. She fit the mood perfectly, the shoot was a great experience, and a working relationship was born. 

Since then we have done various collaborating. I have performed alongside her in video projects for her work and I also had the opportunity to design a garment for her performance in the Water Exhibition at Never Apart.

The garment was made of plain muslin and lined with silk. The performance dealt with the male gaze and constructed female identities based upon that, so I looked to old chastity belts for design inspiration. A sort of push and pull of female sexuality. 

Here, the garment with other objects that were used during the performance.

Here, the garment with other objects that were used during the performance.

Marie during her performance.

Marie during her performance.


I was grateful to have the opportunity to present a garment outside of the fashion sphere, and to collaborate with another female artist. It was a great experience and I would love to do more collaborations like this in the future.

A commission by dance collective La tresse

This commission came out of nowhere. I was still new to Montréal and had barely made an impression on the scene. I had just launched a website for the first time and one of the participating members Laura Toma, who I had met earlier in the year took notice. They were looking for a local designer to make dresses for them for a residency they were doing at the Arsenal Gallery.

They were wanting basic shift dresses to accommodate a creative vision already in place. I was very happy to oblige. I have a history in dance and was truly floored by these girls and their work. It's very physical and quite transcendental, often focusing on a strong and supple femininity. Check out their website and work here.

Posted is a teaser vid for their work "Volume II", for which the dresses were made.

There is something so visceral and so powerful about their work.  Working with them was a pleasure and I would love to find my designs, and perhaps even at some point, artistic direction go into more performances such as these. Thank you LA TRESSE!!!!